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Civissum is a French T-shirt brand, highlighting milestones in history, created in 2013. Sold worldwide, it grew significantly in 2014.Following this, In 2016, the founders contacted me to update their website.
Knowing very little about the development environment, I had to discover and learn by myself how a site was built behind the design.
Indeed, I had to develop the Responsive part which was not in place, redesign the site by integrating new pages via Magento.
This mission has really opened my eyes to the complexities of development and allows me to better interact with developers today to find graphic solutions in order to be as efficient as possible and to work better as a team.

• Redesign of the Civissum website 
• Setting up the responsive 
• integration of new pages 
• Increase in skills on the integration part

Software used : Photoshop - Illustrator - Magento