SAP Conversational AI

• Senior Product Designer •

SAP CAI (ex is, at the beginning, a French artificial intelligence startup. We develop a natural language processing (NLP) technology that allows machines to understand human language. This technology allows the creation of conversational automated agents, usually called chatbots.

put this technology at the disposal of developers through a collaborative platform where they can train, build, connect and monitor chatbots.
Going from 25 people to 150 is a big change for a company and a demand for methodology and organization. My work is to make a lot of UX research to optimize the new features which are very technical, in order to help the developer as much as possible. I had to learn to organize my work every day to be the most efficient. Indeed I work with more than 6 Product Owners on different time zones, with more than a dozen stories (improvement or feature creation) each month, I have to be fast in my thinking and execution, be simple and quickly understand the product issues even if I am not a developer. Working in a team of developers eveyday is very important, to be more efficient and above all not to be wasted.
I was able to manage several projects such as the creation of a design system because before me it was the developers who did everything, so it was necessary to develop rules to be able to evolve the platform graphically later. I was able to create features such as enhancements or the redesign of some features for a better clarity. I also managed the redesign of the site in SAP CAI and thus by taking over the SAP codes while keeping the style of so as not to lose the user.

Working every day with inspiring people allows me to surpass myself every day and to invest even more in my work and allows me to push my limits. Finally I was also able to learn how to hold meetings by defending my points of view and being able to be much more comfortable in English (first language in SAP).

Software used : Figma - Sketch - Invision - Photoshop - Invision - Zeplin