A Vendre A Louer

• WebDesigner • Brand Designer •

AvendreALouer is a real estate classifieds site, bought in 2011 by Groupe Solocal, I worked as a webdesigner for them for 2 years and a half. At first a simple webdesigner working mainly for the communication department, through the design and integration of emailing as well as all communication media, I was able, after having proven myself, to manage the new graphic and identity guidelines of the brand and implementation of a declining graphic guidelines (print and web - B2C - B2B) and  participated on the redesign of the  website with the help of the product manager and another designer.
I was also able to learn by myself how to integrate responsive emailing. Web designer and Graphic Designer for the brand for more than two years

• Creation and integration of responsive emailing
• Redesign of the graphic identity
• Product redesign of website elements

Software used : Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign - Dreamweaver